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Yall traveling with a family can be be tricky. Most people know a little something about Airbnb, but here is the low down. Ordinary People and Rental Companies list their homes on AIR BNB’s app for a daily rate. 

The selection of homes ranges from regular single-family homes to Tree Houses. You create a profile and request to rent the property. After the stay, The Guests rate the property and leaves feedback about their visit, and hosts leave feedback about their guests. 

These reviews help future renters have a clear picture of the property and hold the hosts accountable to provide true and accurate information about thier property. Similarly, if you receive bad reviews on your profile, it could prevent you from renting an Airbnb in the future. 

Now that you know, how Now on to how Airbnb saves you money.

1.Kitchen Access 

If your kids are like mine, they will eat you out of house and home if you are not careful! That does not change when you are traveling. It is usually even more expensive when you are on vacation because you eat out more frequently. 

The great thing about renting an Airbnb is that the majority of them have a kitchen, and that means that you can go to the grocery store and cook some meals like you would if you were at home. 

When my family is traveling, we usually hit the grocery store before we get to the Airbnb and stock up on our favorite food items and snacks. We still eat out some, but we try to cook one meal a day and pack lunches for when we are out, which saves us significantly.  

2.More Space:

Overnight, accommodations for large families can be tricky and expensive. If you have more than four people, some hotels will request that you book two rooms!  

If you can book a hotel that will allow more than four people, you will be cramped up in one room arguing over who can use the outlets to charge there iPad/iPhone first. (at least that’s what happens to my family.)

 However, when you rent an Airbnb, you can rent an entire home for the same price as one hotel room. That means your family will have multiple rooms and sometimes even multiple bathrooms, TVs, and outlets for the whole family! You get to take advantage of saving money and enjoy the feel of being at home.

3.Washer and Dryer

One of the ways that Airlines make extra money is by charging you a baggage fee. So even if you save money on your ticket if you don’t pack correctly, you can still end up spending a vast amount of money on baggage costs.

Having access to a washer and dryer can help you to reduce how much you pack, which means fewer baggage fees. On our Family trip to Chicago, our Airbnb had a washer and dryer, so instead of packing seven pairs of blue jeans for our children, we only packed four. 

When my daughter dropped some of her deep-dish pizza on her favorite white skirt, we did not have to take it to the dry cleaner, we just treated the stain and threw it in the washer machine. 


4.Host Freebies

 Now this one is guaranteed, but every Airbnb that I have stayed in the host has thrown in free amenities and guides to save us time and money. 

When I went to Las Vegas, we rented an Airbnb about 15 minutes from the strip. Now, if you have ever been to LasVegas, then you know that everything happens on the “The Strip” Clubs, Casinos, and Restaurants. 

Parking on the strip is pretty expensive and scarce unless you are staying at one of the hotels. 

Our host provided us with a Gold Pass to any MGM property! So we were able to park for free at several hotels on the strip, and we also got VIP front line access to several clubs as well! 

Have you stayed at an Airbnb? Let us know how your stat was in the comment’s below.


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