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This week I only had one project on my To-Do list- Get my home office set up. Since we moved into this house, we have used our office for everything, but it’s intended purpose. It’s been a photography studio, a Tshirt Shop, and a Storage room!

I had been dreading it cleaning it out, but with the kids homeschooling and Elliot working from home, we had to rearrange our space to make everyone more comfortable.

And I am glad that we went ahead and took care of it this week because our Governor announced yesterday that our kids would not be going back to school this semester. Which means I won’t be getting my dining room back to work in!

I know a lot of you are going through the same thing. Your School District may have already announced that school is closed for the rest of the year, and you may or may not have a curriculum from your child’s school.

So today, I am sharing a list of Educational companies that are offering free subscriptions due to COVID-19. I hope that this can help you to supplement your current curriculum. Or if you already have a curriculum for your kids, this can give you a jumpstart on activities to do during the summer ( because it is going to be a long one!


Albert offers individualized high school and undergraduate questions for test prep, core subjects, world languages, and more. Individual students can purchase and self-study in pre-built test-prep courses for Advanced Placement (AP), SAT, ACT.

2. ABC Mouse/ Age of Learning 

Abc Mouse/ Age of learning offers several different programs. You can select which one is best for your needs based on your child’s age, grade level and/or academic need

3.Mystery Science

Mystery Science offers cool and Interactive Science lessons and Experiments. 

4. Khan Academy 

Many of you may already be familiar with Khan Academy because several schools partner with them to supplement their curriculum. They provide learning plans for ages 2-18, for Science, Social Studies, Math, and ELA.


Scholastic is one of my favorites! If you have been to a bookfair the last three decades, then you know who Scholastic is! They are providing 20 days’ worth of active learning journeys designed to reinforce and sustain educational opportunities for those students who are unable to attend school.

These are just five of the companies that I found that are offering free resources. However, I am sure that there are several others. 

As each day goes by, I am seeing more companies come up with creative and resourceful ways to help support the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Do you know of any free Academic Resources? 

If so, please share it in the comments below!


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