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Hey, Y’all hey Thank you for visiting my internet home! My name is Samantha Danielle, and my friends call me Sam. 

I am a Wife and Mom to two tweens and a teen. I am also a coordinator for a Local Charter School in Nashville and a full-time content creator for my personal brand heysamantha.com and my travel blog, www.explorenashville.com. 

Let’s have some fun and get to know each other! Here are 10 Fast Facts About Me. In the comments, let me know if we have anything in common or share something about yourself!

1. I am a Nashville Native:

I have visited so many different cities, but nowhere feels quite like Nashville- there’s no place like home! However, if I had to choose another place to raise my family, it would probably be in a suburb of Chiago.- My family and I love the food, entertainment, and busyness of the city! 

2. Music is my Happy Place:

If you check out my Apple Music Playlist, you will find everything from Drake to Dixie Chicks! I love riding down the street with the music up Singing and Rapping my heart out even though I’m not that great at either. 🤣 So if you happen to see me riding down the road doing a little Car Kareoke mind your business! LOL 🎶

3. I am an October Baby:

AKA a Lucky Libra, and I will take Fall over Summer any DAY! Give me boots+flannel shirts w/tights, Fall TV, and Festivals. Yall can keep the Tennessee heat, Mosquitos, and Humidity! I mean, who doesn’t love a good fall scented candle?🍂


4. I am creative:

Creating visually pleasing things brings me so much JOY! I am all about planning my family’s color-coordinating holiday wardrobe, designing our dining room tablescapes, or making cute matching T-shirts to wear on Vacations.

5. Red Lipstick is my Spirit Animal:

And it’s right for every occasion-LETS ARGUE!😂 My current fave is Besso by Stilla, but Mac Ruby Woo is ALWAYS a close second! 

6. Brunch is a habit, and I gotta have it: 

There is something magical about a Crab Cake Benedict with a delicious brunch cocktail alongside laughter with family and friends. When outside opens back up, that will be one of the first places that I head to! 🍸

Brunching at one of my favorite Spots The Hampton Social!


7. I am a Social Butterfly:

I Definitely got Talks to often on my report Card more than a few times🤭 I love connecting with people, and that is one of the reasons that I started blogging, so feel free to slide in my DM’s and say Hey! 👋🏾

8.TV over Movies: 

For some reason, movies just don’t hold my attention the same way TV shows do, and I will take Binge-watching my favorite shows over a movie any day. Some of my favorite shows are Insecure, Desperate Housewives, Vampire Diaries, The Wire, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Greys Anatomy, The Chi and ALL the throwback ’90s like Fresh prince of bel-air, Family Matters, and Martin ⁣

9. My husband and I were Highschool Sweethearts

My husband and I grew up in the same neighborhood and went to Elementary and Junior Highschool together. We started dating the summer before my Sophomore year (ssh. Don’t tell my Mom.) and We were high school sweethearts, but we have only been married for eight years 😲⁣

10. I love helping people: 

My number one reason for starting heysamantha.com was because I wanted to share information that would help Women live easier and more fun and fulfilled lives. 

Now it is your turn! Tell me something about yourself! 


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Three Fun Facts

  1. I am a Profesional Bruncher 🍳
  2. My dream job is a Talk Show Host 🎙️
  3. I ❤️ Red Lipstick 💄


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