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An Epic Staycation at Gaylord Opryland Resort

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An Epic Staycation at Gaylord Opryland Resort


We had the pleasure of spending the Weekend at The Gaylord Opryland Resort, and we had an Epic Weekend! After being home for the past three months, it was great to be able to get out and have a fun family experience in a safe and familiar environment. 

You may be thinking, “Wait, what about Social Distancing?” I had the same concern, and before we decided to have our Staycation, I did some research to see what safety measures Gaylord had in place to prevent the spread of COVID. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had a very thorough plan! 

Front Desk at Gaylord Opryland.

As soon as we arrived on Friday, we noticed:

  •  that all of the employees were wearing Masks. 
  • When we reached the check-in desk, Plexi-glass provided an extra barrier of protection between the guests and Staff.
  • There were signs throughout the resort encouraging Social Distancing
  • There were employees frequently sanitizing high touch areas throughout the hotel 
  • Hand sanitizer was in our room and throughout the resort including Soundwaves 
  • In SoundWaves Each raft was being wiped down after each use


Our room was a Double Queen Atrium room with a parlor attached, and it fit our family perfectly! If you have a big family, here is what you will love about the Double Atrium room w/ parlor. 

Two Separate Bathrooms and TV’s: 

We had two separate bathrooms and two televisions: That meant no fighting over who had the remote first, and Elliot and I didn’t have to share a bathroom with the kids, which made our stay so much more comfortable!

Mini Kitchen and Dining Room Table: We had a mini kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink+a large dining room table. We were all able to sit down and enjoy family dinner together comfortably, plus having an extra sink for hand washing was super helpful. 

Four Beds: 

There were four beds in total, two Queen beds in the main bedroom, a Murphy bed, and a pull-out couch in the Parlor. 

The room was very spacious and was perfect for allowing everyone to have their own area. Our kids loved that the room was large enough for unlimited Tik-Tok Dances; my husband and I loved the view that overlooked the Atrium!

We spent Friday night in our room munching on snacks, watching movies, and having a fun family photoshoot until we fell asleep. Then bright and early Saturday morning and I do me BRIGHT the kids were up with their swimsuits on ready to go to SoundWaves. 


This was our first time going to SoundWaves, and it was one of the BEST parts of our trip. There is so much information to share about SoundWaves( I may do a separate blog post on SoundWaves, but for now, I will share the most important information and answer some of the questions that you guys DM’d me on Instagram during our stay. Also, I will be including some discount codes for you guys at the end of the article. 

Entrance of SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Hotel

What is SoundWaves: 

SoundWaves is a 4-acre Luxury Indoor and Outdoor Waterpark! With attractions, slides, and on-site dining. 

Who is SoundWaves for?

What we loved most about SoundWaves is that it had something for everyone! There are several areas for smaller children. Seven slides- Two of them are raft slides and are perfect for families and couples. Two adult’s only swimming areas equipped with a bar. A wave pool, Surfing and so much more! I asked each one of my family members what there favorite part of the SoundWaves was: 

Eric (14) LOVED the Slides; he went on all of them! He is a little daredevil and did the Base Drop, at least four times! He also said that the Crowd Surfer (surfing) was his second favorite thing to do at SoundWaves. 

Jada (12): Jada’s pick was The Uptempo River, a rapid river that quickly takes you around and under several waterfalls. She probably did this over 15 times! 

Ethan (10):  Ethan said that his favorite part of SoundWaves was the Outdoor Wave Pool. He loved floating and watching the music videos on the Big Screen. 

Elliot:  Elliot enjoyed The slides and The Crowd Surfer as well. He also said that he loved how clean everything was. 


There are two restaurants, a food truck, and a bar. (The food truck is open seasonally.) We ate lunch at the park on Saturday and Sunday, both days we had pizza well because of KIDS lol! We also tried The chicken tenders, Bacon Cheeseburger, and Wings, everyone devoured their food, and there were no complaints! My personal favorite was The Blue Note Cocktail: It was sweet, refreshing, and so GOOD!  You can check out the Parks Full Menu here


SoundWaves have Indoor and Outdoor Cabanas for rental.  We rented an Outdoor Cabana- It fit our family of 5 comfortably.

Inside The Cabana, there is a couch, chair, coffee table, TV console, TV, and safe, and two Lounge Chairs are right outside. 

It also came equipped with towels and a small fridge that had Sodas and Water inside. It was super convenient having a safe in The Cabana, to lock our phones in.

We loved having a place to relax when the temperature rose and to eat lunch in. This is also an excellent area for an older person or baby to rest if needed. 

The Cabana is full Service-so you have a dedicated waiter to bring you food, drinks, and towels. 

The cost of renting an Indoor Cabana is $250.00 for a day, and An Outdoor Cabana is $350.00 per day. To book a Cabana 

Call 615-889-1000


I compiled a list of Quick Tips based on some of the questions that you guys asked me during my stay On Instagram.


  • You can ONLY purchase tickets to SoundWaves if you are an Overnight Guest of Opryland Resort or if you buy a party package.
  • There is a daily occupancy capacity, so be sure to pre-purchase your tickets to avoid being turned away at the door. You can book your package here
  • There are Lockers for rent; prices are $12 and up depending on the locker size.
  • COME EARLY: Check-In is at 4 pm, but you can come when the park opens and check your bags with the Bell Services. This will allow you to maximize your time at SoundWaves. Click here for the SoundWaves Colander and schedule 
  • Wristbands deactivate on noon of the day you checkout, but as long as you are in SoundWaves before noon you can stay until the park closes.
  • Towels & Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets are provided on a first come first serve basis throughout the park, AND Inflatable toys are prohibited.
  • An adult must accompany all children under the age of 14
  • If you are worried about crowds come on a weekday
  • If you forget your Sunblock there is a store on site at SoundWaves

Relâche Spa

On Saturday, I snuck away from SoundWaves for a few hours to go to the Spa and enjoyed a Swedish Massage. 









My massage was so relaxing I almost fell asleep ok I’m lying I definitely fell asleep for a few minutes! 

Everything was super clean in the Spa, and everyone was required to wear a mask in the Spa and during the service. 


One of the best parts of Opryland is its Beautiful Atrium. We had so much fun walking around and exploring. We all enjoyed the gorgeous plants, waterfalls, and overall ambiance. When you go be sure to check out the Atrium at night, there is a beautiful water, and lights show you won’t want to miss!


I can’t make a trip to Opryland without going to Bravo Gelato! I have to stop by and get the Cookies Cream Gelato with a Chocolate Chip Cookie; it is so delectable!


If you are planning on coming to visit Gaylord Opryland Resort, Check out the discount codes below! 

  • Davidson County Residents receive up to 40% off on select dates with code L9Z. -Be prepared to show proof of residency 
  • Tennessee Residents receive up to 25% off select dates with code M16. Proof of residency required at check-in. 
  • Out of state guests may receive up to 20% off select dates with code BQ7. Restrictions apply.

Book online at SoundWavesGO.com

We had a fantastic Staycation! Fun in the Sun ,Family, and Good Food made it an Epic Trip! We made so many memories, and we feel so blessed to have a Gem like Opryland Gaylord Resort in our home town! Even though we just left, we are already planning our next trip!

Also, if you have any more questions about The Resort or SoundWaves, feel free to reach out to me! I love sharing all about Nashville! 


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