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I love fresh flowers, and I pick them up from the grocery store at least once a week. And over the years, I have tested out several different ways to keep my flowers fresh for as long as possible.

Here is what didn’t work: Aspirin, Coins, hair spray, and bleach. After trying those old wives’ tales and not seeing much of a difference. I learned a few tricks that do help to make your flowers stay fresh longer.


This is just a fancy word for trimming the stems’ end and excess leaves on the flowers’ stems.

 Make sure that you use a pair of sturdy and strong scissors to cut the stems, or your scissors may break (this has happened to me several times) 


 Place your flowers in room temperature water, and make sure to change the water every day. This keeps bacteria out of the water and extends the life of your flowers.


I found several different tips when I started researching how to prevent flowers from wilting.

 I read that you can put pennies, bleach, aspirin, hairspray, and even vinegar in the water to keep your flowers fresh.

I tried most of them, but I saw the most significant difference when I put a little Sprite in the water. Apparently, flowers are just like me, and love sugar!


Place floral arrangements close to natural sunlight but not in direct sunlight. 

You can use curtains or blinds to filter the light and prevent flowers from drying out and dying. 

And if you really want to preserve your flowers’ life, you can pop your flowers into the refrigerator before bed each night.

After following this process, I have been able to keep my Whole Foods Flowers fresh for up to twelve days.



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  1. These are some great tips thanks for sharing!


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