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If you’re not booed up, don’t boo hoo you can be single and still have a Fabulous February Too.

I Love Love Love Febuary!!! It’s the only month (besides December)where the stores are Full of fun decorations, candies, and overall focused on love. 

There is something a little magical about walking into the stores and seeing them transformed by balloons inside of balloons with bears inside the balloons and your special someone surprising you with some of your favorite gifts.  

However, if you are not in a romantic relationship this month, don’t be discouraged. Remember that there are several different types of love that you can celebrate this month, not just romantic. February is also a great time to celebrate friendship, family, and of course, self-love! 

Below are ten ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, Even if you are not in a romantic relationship. 


Go ahead and treat yourself to one of your favorite Spa Treatments. You deserve it!

Or if that isn’t an option, pamper yourself at home, order your favorite bubble bath or bath bombs I love https://www.lushusa.com/ their products are natural, smell amazing and overall make me feel like I’m having a luxurious time at home! 


First of all, does the word Galentines Day mean anything to you? Don’t forget about your girlfriends now if they are in a relationship, go ahead, make plans to connect before the actual holiday, do lunch, wear Valentines Day colors, and even exchange small gifts. 


Now for Febuary 14th, hit up some of your single friends. They likely won’t have plans on the 14th either.

 And stay in together order take out and have a fun movie night. Use it as an excuse to watch all your favorite Romantic Movies or Man hating movies, depending on what the vibe is. Have fun!


Treat yourself. Don’t cheat yourself! Girl, who knows how to treat you better than you? You know all your favorite places and things to do!

 Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, wear your favorite dress, buy your favorite flowers, and don’t forget dessert!


Use this as an opportunity to spend the night at a gorgeous hotel. 

You know the one with the beautiful view or bathtub that you always look at online? Go ahead and book it!

 Tip-It will probably be cheaper to do this activity one week before Valentine’s Day or one week after. 

6. Buy an at-home wine tasting experience 

7.Sign up for a painting and wine class

8. Get a Makeover 

9.Have a Family Movie Game Night

10.At home photo shoot-Pull out the ring light and have some fun

This is your girl’s first time being single on VDAY in over 15 years, so I will be leaning into the family, friends, and heavy on the self-love!

Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you cant do all of the fun things couples do in February. 

Remember, life is what you make it, so don’t forget to make it fun!

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?



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