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As you are scanning through your emails, you see a flight deal pop up to a place that you have wanted to take your family for a long time! Boom you grab the tickets, and you are feeling great. Then you remember that you still have to pay for your hotel, food, attractions, and if you are feeling fancy souvenirs too.

For many families being able to afford travel isn’t about the cost of AirFare or The Hotel stay. It is also about being able to afford their expenses while they are on vacation.

These are five ways that my family cuts down on costs while traveling, allowing us to have explore without breaking the bank.

1.Travel With Other Families Or Friends:

Traveling with other families can significantly reduce the cost of your vacation. You can rent an Airbnb (link how to save money with AIRBNB- )and split the price of an Airbnb in half. If you are renting a car for the road trip, one family can rent the car; the other can pay for the gas. We did this on a trip last year and only paid $248 in total for a four-night stay. This strategy can also work in your favor if you want to have a night out with your spouse alone. Each family can rotate and take a night out, while the other stays in with the kids, saving you money on hiring a sitter, and allowing you to enjoy some adult time on vacation Okurrr!

2.Plan A Free Day:

Listen ya’ll, you do not have to spend money every day of vacation! Whenever we take a trip, we always make sure to plan at least one day where we do not spend any money at all.
Every single place that you visit has free (link how to plan a free day on vacation) attractions, take advantage of them. Visit the museums, check out the unique local architecture (think the bean in Chicago, The Eiffel Tower, The Brooklyn Bridge.) Take some fun selfies. We even pack our lunch to make sure that we don’t have to eat out and have a picnic and make it fun.

3. Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location can save you money, big time!
Choose your location wisely. To save the most money, make sure that where you stay is within walking distance to public transit; Link how to save money on “How to save money on public transit” That will prevent you from having to take Uber and Lyft, which adds up very quickly.

Choose a place that is close to a grocery store or market so that you don’t have to eat out every meal or pay for expensive bottled water at the hotel. Link how to save money on

4. Take Public Transportation

On a trip to New York earlier this year, my husband and I were shocked at how high Uber and Lyfts prices were in the city. The base price was high, plus there was almost always an additional surge price as well.

Luckily we were less than a block away from the subway and right across from the bus station. Taking the Train saved us hundreds of dollars. link”How to save money on public transit.”

5. Be Strategic With Your Itinerary

I have learned it isn’t always about where you go, but its when you go.
For example, when my family is traveling to Atlanta, there is a movie theatre that we love to visit. They serve a full dinner menu and desserts. Now, if I were to take my family on Friday, we would pay around $68.00 just for our movie tickets! However, if I wait until Tuesday to go to the same theatre to see the same movie tickets are only $5.00 per person, so for my family of 5, I would only pay $25, and I would be saving $43.00! So before you plan your Itinerary see if any days of the week that are cheaper than others.

Traveling with kids does not have to be expensive. Planning ahead and researching are two ways to save big when you are planning any vacation and it is even more true the larger your family. I hope these tips help you have a more affordable and fun trip.

How do you learned to save money when you are traveling? Leave a comment and let me know.


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