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I love celebrating Valentine’s Day! It is one of my favorite holidays. It’s also one of the hardest days to find a babysitter, especially with us having three kids. So over a decade ago, my husband and I decided that we wouldn’t let not having a babysitter stop the celebration! And most of the things that we could go out and do we could also do at home!
So after we put the kids to bed, our date night begins! If you don’t have a babysitter for this weekend, don’t get down. Check out
5 of my Favorite At Home Date Nights:


You can put this one together pretty quickly. Get your robes for relaxing, coconut oil for massages, your favorite bath salts for soaking. Voila, you have at home, Spa Night!


All you have to do is get a few canvases from your local craft store, paint, paintbrushes, and your favorite bottle of wine. The sweet thing about this date night is that you have a souvenir to keep.

3. Game Night with a Twist

A little friendly competition is good, right? So break out the board games, UNO, Twister, Jenga, or whatever you and your boo’s favorite games are. Here is the twist The winner of each game earns a Ticket from their partner for a favor- Think Cooking your favorite meal, a backrub, or whatever your flavor is!

4.Recreate a Meal from your Favorite Restaurant

A few years ago, my husband used to love a dish from Carrabbas called Chicken Bryan. Now I could have grabbed it as takeout but, I like to try new recipes. And in the age of Pinterest and Youtube, you can find recipes for just about EVERYTHING!

5. Throw Back Night

This one is super fun! Go back to the days when you first started dating. Gather some old photo’s, Make a playlist of the songs that you were listening to when you first met โ€” order in a meal that you use to eat together. Then take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on how everything started.

All 5 of these ideas will work for Valentines, but you can also use them anytime that you and your partner can’t get out. They are also pretty cost-effective and can be put together on reasonably short notice.
What do you and your partner do on Valentine’s Day?
Do you ever do at Home Date Nights? If so, share some of your ideas in the comments.



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  1. I definitely love this idea. Going to restaurants and movies gets old after awhile and being home has definitely required some outside the box ideas. We specifically got board games to switch up our routine and have some more fun. Thanks for the ideas.


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